9:00a.m. Every Sunday

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10:00 a.m Every Sunday

During COVID-19

Sermon/Messages will be 

via Zoom virtually and audio


6:00p.m. Every Wednesday

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Please continue to follow the guidelines set by the CDC and the NC Government.


Due to the pandemic, we will be holding Church School and Worship Services Virtually. Please join us.

Hello Church Family and Friends,
We pray you are all being safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please continue to wear your masks, practice social distancing (staying six feet apart when in the presence of others outside of your household bubble), and wash your hands. Since the report of new variants, it is probably good to wear two masks at once. 
One good thing is that the COVID-19 vaccines are being given out to those that are 75 and over and now 65 and over. Our courageous health care workers, and we have several in the St. Phillip AME Church family, are also eligible to receive a vaccine. If you are 65 and over and haven't yet received a vaccine, please check the New Hanover Regional Medical Center website: Coronavirus | New Hanover Regional Medical Center | Wilmington, NC ( and the NHC Department of Health at: COVID-19 Vaccine | Health | NHC Health | North Carolina ( And as always, please call your Class Leader or Class Leader Assistant if you need any assistance.

St. Phillip AME Church is closely monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus. We are ensuring the safety and health of our members. We will be complying with the guidelines set by Gov. Roy Cooper and will not be having service at the sanctuary. Worship Services and Church School will be virtually.

Please read the information below from New Hanover County Government. & Testing

NCDHHS has expanded testing criteria for COVID-19. Only those who meet the following criteria should ask their doctor or local health department about being testing for COVID-19:

  1. Have fever or lower respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) and close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case within the past 14 days

  2. Have fever and lower respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) and a negative rapid flu test

Individuals who meet this criteria should  immediately contact their doctor or Public Health department at 910-798-3500. At that time, a clinician or a public health official will decide if a COVID-19 test is appropriate.

Before you go to a doctor’s office, walk-in clinic or Public Health, call ahead and tell them about your symptoms so appropriate steps can be taken to avoid exposing others.